Competitive Health - Connecting the patient, provider, and payor
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  Competitive Health - Connecting the patient, provider, and payor  

Real-time patient pay and network identification at the time of service.

We are the only company to provide an automated patient payment responsibility and network information real-time solution to the healthcare marketplace.

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Patient Advantage Patient Advantage
Patients who have access to our point of system enjoy the PPO contracted rate at the time of service. Today the patient is told by their healthcare program to not use their healthcare debit card at the provider's office. Learn More
Provider Advantage Provider Advantage
Providers today write off over $100 billion dollars. This will only increase with high deductible programs. Learn More

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Payor Advantage Payor Advantage
Payors who want their high deductible, indemnity program, limited benefit plan design, Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursment Account subscribers to enjoy PPO. Learn More
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